Resolving 'Attachment Trauma', and Delivering Orange-Pills, w/ 'Honest Sharing'
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Resolving 'Attachment Trauma', and Delivering Orange-Pills, w/ 'Honest Sharing'

I've recently been trying a new method of booking guests for the show, by posting a Calendly link, and allowing anyone who wishes to come on to book themselves in. I ask them to give a brief summary of what they'd like to discuss, and if it sounds interesting (and has nothing to do with shitcoins), then we go ahead with it.

Benni was one such guest, who mentioned that he was trained in several 'therapy models', and wanted to discuss the benefits of 'honest sharing' in relation to 'orange pilling'. He said; 'The more secure our emotional connections become, the more it is possible for BTC wisdom to spread throughout the human network.'

That was good enough for me, so we set it up.



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