MADEIRA UPDATE w/ Andre, Niko, & Rob
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MADEIRA UPDATE w/ Andre, Niko, & Rob

At the bitcoin 2022 conference, the President of Madeira got on stage, and announced that Madeira was 'adopting' bitcoin. While this led to much excitement about another potential 'bitcoin citadel' emerging, it also left many questions.

Since that time, a number of bitcoiners who are either from there, or have moved there, have been advising the government on what they can do to make Madeira more appealing to bitcoiners that may wish to visit, or even move there.

Simultaneously, this same group has been working on a number of grassroots initiatives in Madeira, to promote bitcoin, educate locals, build infrastructure, and communicate to the world what is going on there, all of which, and more, have been formalized into the 'F.R.E.E. Madeira initiative'.

I'm always interested in learning more about areas of the world where freedom and quality of life are in relative abundance, and even more so when bitcoin is involved, so I thought I'd have the guys on to get more of the details about what is going on in Madeira since the conference.



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