How Bitcoin Mining Could Accelerate the Development of Small Modular (Nuclear) Reactors
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How Bitcoin Mining Could Accelerate the Development of Small Modular (Nuclear) Reactors

Small Modular Reactor technology represents the potential for a clean, reliable, abundant, and versatile energy production technology, that could be a major boon to much of the world.  

However, the technology is still nascent, and as a result, not yet cost-competitive with other generation technologies.  As more solutions compete on the market, and economies of scale develop, this is likely to change.  

Perhaps the quickest way that the economics of SMR technology could be improved, is by de-risking capital allocation, improving efficiency, and thereby accelerating ROI and market competitiveness.  

The way to achieve this, is by integrating bitcoin mining.  Making this case to regulators, investors, entrepreneurs and others, is what Ryan MacLeod is currently engaged in.  



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